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Stop Smoking Now!

I am called several times a day by smokers wanting to stop this filthy disgusting habit they have been burdened with for many years and I am usually asked the same question: How much will it cost?

I always give the same answer:  How much is your life worth?

I am rarely asked how to become a non smoker, or what the session involves, or how hypnosis works, what the benefits are.

So how much is smoking costing people? Based on £11.60 per packet (sample used: Benson & Hedges Gold King Size, 2018):

A pack of 20 cigarettes per day over 1 week costs £81.20

A pack of 20 cigarettes per day over a 12 month period costs £4,222.40

2 packs of 20 cigarettes per day over a 12 month period costs £8,444.80

3 packs of 20 cigarettes per day over a 12 month period costs £12,667.20

Astonishing isn't it. The average smoker smokes between 1 and 2 packs per day. How could all that cash be used better? I wonder…    So, whilst you're reading the rest of this page, think - how much is your life worth?

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of death in the world (smoking kills 120,00 people per year in the UK), with all of its associated illnesses - cancer, heart disease, lung problems, blocked arteries. The list could go on. We're all aware of the problems associated with smoking, aside from the disgusting smell and foul taste, and the fact that it taints everything. We're all aware of how easy it is to get started, then get addicted, and then get into that constant cycle of trying to quit, stopping & starting. I know, I was one of those people who gave up by sheer willpower for about 6 years, and had been smoking since I was about 10 years old too. Then I started again, and I got into that vicious cycle of stop, start, stop, start for another 6 years or so. I stopped with self-hypnosis. It worked for me, and I'm still a non-smoker with no cravings.

Of course many smokers continue to smoke, because, as I so often hear in my private practice 'It relaxes me, calms my nerves when I'm stressed in any way'. If only it were true, but it's a myth! Do you want to know what is actually relaxing you - this is so simple, and no-one even thinks about it - your breathing! Think about it now, when you smoke a cigarette you are also practising a deep breathing exercise, particularly for those first 2 or 3 drags when you really inhale, and as you do that, you draw air into your lungs, along with the poisonous smoke of course, and you oxygenate your blood, which causes a slightly floaty feeling for some, but it also relaxes you. Try it now why don't you. Just take 2 or 3 nice deep breaths and exhale fully, as you would when breathing out the smoke, and notice what happens to your body and your mind. You start to relax don't you? The problem is that in your mind, you associate smoking with relaxation, which creates the compulsion to continue and sets up the psychological addiction.

The physical addiction is taken care of by the tobacco companies themselves. They use different syrups to create a particular flavour in their tobacco, and it's not always just the nicotine which is habit forming. The recipes for these syrups are closely guarded, in fact in the USA they are protected by federal law from becoming public. What few people know is that some tobacco companies are legally allowed to add up to 2% habit forming narcotic drugs to their syrups, which is another reason why smoking is so addictive. Although the research is available to say this is allowed and possible, it hasn't been proven since the recipes are such closely guarded secrets!


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