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Psychosomatic Problems

A qualification to practise medicine or dentistry is not a qualification to practise hypnosis, just as a qualification to practise hypnosis is not a qualification to practise medicine or to make a medical diagnosis. If you have a medical or medically associated problem, you should see your doctor. If you have a dental problem, you should consult a dental surgeon. However, if you have a

psychosomatic problem, i.e. a problem associated with the mind, you should see either a qualified professional Hypnotherapist, or of course, a psychologist
So just what is the nature of a psychosomatic problem? Well, as already stated, it is a problem associated with the mind, and some of these problems can become so deep-rooted that they eventually start to affect the body. We already know that the mind is in two parts - you have a conscious mind, and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind has reason, logic, the ability to think and deals with day-to-day decision making etc. It's the part that you control. The subconscious mind has no reason or logic, it is concerned only with emotions, memories, and imagination, and controls the body's autonomic nervous system. In many ways, the subconscious mind has more control of you than you do of it! That's because whenever there is a conflict in the mind between the reason and logic of the conscious mind, and the emotional state of the subconscious mind, then the emotions will usually win!

For instance, let's look at a phobia, which is a psychosomatic problem. A common one is Arachnophobia - the fear of spiders. Mary has a fear of spiders. Whenever she sees one she panics, and gets frightened, refusing to go near it, until someone has removed it. She knows consciously that she shouldn't be afraid of the spider; in fact, she will tell you herself that she feels foolish, which only compounds the fear more. She knows that there is no reason why she should fear the spider. However, she will also tell you that she can't help being afraid, and may or may not know when or how it started. Now Mary's fear may have been triggered only a few years ago, or when she was younger. At least, there is one thing that is sure - it is a 'learned' fear; Mary wasn't born with it, and therefore has picked up that fear in some experience. Over the years, the phobia has got worse, and whereas Mary may have started being a little nervous when she saw a spider, it has escalated to the point where she hyperventilates and becomes hysterical, her heart racing etc - it is now affecting her body

It is the same with John's compulsion to smoke - another psychosomatic problem - he knows all about the damage to his health, the health of his family through passive smoking, the unpleasant smell etc; but he will also say that it is a habit which he can't kick or control. This is because the problems are anchored in the subconscious mind, and the subconscious is generally victorious over the conscious reason and logic!

How do we change that, how do we 'cure' it?  Well first of all we need to bypass the conscious mind using hypnosis. Then we feed positive, life-affirming, psychological suggestions directly to the subconscious mind to affect change. In effect, we replace one pattern with another, and with repetition this has a cumulative effect that usually quite quickly is accepted by the subconscious mind as a legitimate pattern of behaviour for it to activate within you. Mary's arachnophobia, the fear, is replaced and, whilst she does not like spiders, she no longer fears them and can see them without reacting. John's compulsion to smoke is replaced, and he doesn't want to smoke anymore. Low self-esteem and poor confidence are replaced with positive feelings, and belief in abilities and self-worth, and life changes because the mindset changed etc.

A qualified professional Hypnotherapist can help, and can through teaching you self-hypnosis and working with you to formulate and apply the right therapy, help you to rid yourself of the problem. Let me say that again: Help you to rid yourself of the problem. Let's be clear on that - it is your problem, and is within your mind, and the therapist is the guide, teacher, confidante, and shows you how to do it for yourself, and in doing so, you learn a skill that will assist you whenever you need for the rest of your life - now that's something worth investing in isn't it.

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