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Past Life Regression
What is Regression?
Regression means to 'take back in time' and is a technique used in hypnotherapy as a diagnostic aid, to take a client back in their memory timeline, usually to help uncover the source of a psychosomatic problem where the memory is deep rooted and buried, and apparently forgotten. The conscious mind may have no recall of the memories, but the subconscious mind doesn't forget anything; therefore, regression can help recover some of those memories.
Re-regression.  Or as it is more commonly known, 'Past Life Regression' uses hypnosis to take a client back into the memory of a past life experience. There are a number of theories about this, and no one can really agree or claim to hold the exact answer, so it is open to interpretation.

Who were you in a past life?   One theory is that in re-regression, we are going back into a past life incarnation that we had on earth, which goes with the theory of reincarnation for those who accept that theory, that we live many lives and keep reincarnating. There is some documented evidence of regression into past lives where very accurate details about a person's life and environment have been recovered, and which has checked out to be accurate and real. Another theory is that we regress back into the memory of a past ancestor, back into our grandparents, great great grandparents, and so on down through the generations. This is thought because of the theory that we inherit genetic memories - such as the instinct to procreate, the instinct to nurture children. As an example, a sheepdog that has never had contact with sheep will naturally herd them and many other animals upon being introduced to them - it is a genetic memory, inherited from the parents. This being the case, it is thought that we can inherit the memories of our ancestors, up until the time that they bore children. So, if your great, great, great grandmother had her first child at the age of 18, then in theory regression into her life experience would not go beyond that age.

Some believe that Past Life Regression is an advanced form of mediumship, and that the past life memories we have in hypnosis are that of someone who has actually lived a life on earth, but whom we are in contact with mediumistically, via the trance state produced by hypnosis. This theory sits well with the Spiritualist concept of communicating with the spirits of the so-called dead who continue to live in another state or dimension.

Another theory is that it is all a product of the subconscious mind, but nonetheless, as far as the subconscious mind is concerned, it is real. A number of theories then; which one is yours? Have a think about it; make up your mind for yourself. Does it really matter?

Past Life Regression can be very beneficial and therapeutic, no matter what your belief or theory - it can help you to overcome some obstacles that you may have been struggling to find answers to, as your subconscious mind uses the scenarios as a way of dealing with these issues to remove blocks.

The actual experience of being regressed into a past life can be very interesting and fun, but you never know what you might find, and what experience you might go back into. Everything will be kept safe and calm so that you have a good experience, and the session will be taped, so that if something interesting comes up, you might use the information to research and see if the person you were really did live in a time gone by.

And you can rest assured that no 'false memories' will be implanted into your mind! Regression uses a series of questions to gather information, and does not involve suggestion to experience anything other than what your mind is presenting, and what your mind recalls. I do not suggest any experiences to you so there is no chance of false memories being implanted.

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