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Hypnotherapy Sessions
What happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?
First Session - Consultation

The first session is a consultation, during which we have a good lengthy chat about your problem, and try to discover where, when, and how whatever problem you have began, so that with a correct diagnosis, we can formulate the right therapy for you to bring about relief or a cure. We also take time to allay any fears or myths concerning hypnosis and explain to you the nature of psychosomatic problems.

This session also helps you to become comfortable with me as your therapist before we begin to work together, and we can also decide on an approximate timescale needed to achieve our goal, and then form our Client-Therapist contract together.

Following the consultation, should there be time left, we will begin working with therapy, though sometimes the therapy won't commence until your second visit. You will also be given a CD recording of a relaxing hypnotic induction to listen to everyday between the consultation and your next session, so that by the time you come back to me to begin work with hypnotherapy, you are already used to going into hypnosis.

There is no obligation to begin a course of treatment following the consultation.

Subsequent Sessions 

After discussing the therapy together-we both have input on the therapy, so that you know what is going to be fed to you in the hypnotic state as applied therapy to help with your problem-we then set to work with applying the previously agreed therapy using a combination Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Hypnosis - going into trance

You will be seated or lying down on a couch, comfortable and warm, and we will begin to induce hypnosis. I will play some nice, restful music and begin talking to you, making suggestions for you to relax, as you go into a day-dreamlike state. Once you have reached the required state, I will begin to work therapeutically, as we have discussed, before rousing you from the trance.  

The therapeutic approach combines two different schools of Hypnotherapy-direct suggestion, which is like a set of instructions, and indirect suggestion, which is more abstract, using metaphor, storytelling, and working with whatever comes up in session. Sessions incorporate NLP techniques, and may include Hypnoanalysis-using age regression and uncovering techniques to assist in locating the source of problems, and to explore issues and feelings in a calm, safe environment, without feeling the impact of the emotions attached.

We also discuss other methods of reinforcing your therapy away from the clinic, and you will frequently be given 'homework' to complete as part of the therapeutic process; and at some stage you may be given a new CD with therapeutic suggestions, for you to listen to daily and further reinforce the desired changes. Working together over the coming weeks, we monitor the success of the therapy, and make any modifications as necessary to assist you with making the changes you wish to make-be it reducing weight, dealing with anxieties & panic attacks or curing claustrophobia, arachnophobia etc.

Sessions are usually every couple of weeks rather than weekly, but can be weekly if you wish. 


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