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Consultation Fees

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a limited number of face-to-face sessions are available, subject to a risk assessment on a case by case basis.

Most sessions will be offered remotely by video or telephone using secure video technology via a number of platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.

If face-to-face sessions are assessed as not being possible for health and safety reasons, then remote sessions will be offered.

How many sessions?
Problems such as simple phobias (arachnophobia, aviatophobia, altophobia etc), weight management or general confidence building would normally require up to 6 sessions after the initial consultation. More deeply rooted problems (anxiety, GAD, panic disorder, complex phobias, depression etc) may require more work over a longer period. This will be discussed as part of the consultation. Smoking Cessation is one session.

Fees are correct as of 1st April 2021

Credit / Debit Card details are required to secure your appointment.

Integrative Hypnotherapy & Counselling

First Session - Consultation & Assessment - 1 hours: £65

The assessment session includes a full and detailed history and discussion of your
problems, from which a programme of sessions will be recommended.
There is no obligation to continue beyond this session.

Treatment Sessions - 1 hour: £65 or 1 hours: £85
Evenings from 6pm: £70 per hour or 1 hours: £90


The Smoking Cessation Programme is one 2 - 2 hour session,
followed by 30 days listening to a CD providing additional reinforcement.
Commitment to listening to the CD daily for a full 30 days is required.

Smoking Cessation - One session with backup CD - 2-2 hours: £200

A 50% deposit on all Smoking Cessation sessions is required at time of booking.

Supervision for Therapists
National Council of Psychotherapists & National Hypnotherapy Society Accredited Supervisor.

Clinical Supervision: face-to-face, Skype or telephone £55 per hr or £30 for 30 minutes.

Payment methods:
Cash or Credit/Debit card. Cheques no longer accepted.

There are no surcharges for credit and debit card payments. Card details are required to secure an appointment.

Prices are per person, and inclusive of any CD's and handouts.

Sessions are time limited, and time will be deducted if you arrive late.

My time and your time is precious. When you book an appointment I set aside time for you and I don't offer that time to anyone else. I only cancel my appointments in the event of illness, bereavement or other such circumstances.

Once booked, you are required to give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation for daytime appointments and 48 hours notice for evening appointments. Cancellation must be by phone/voicemail and not by email or SMS text message. As I am not able to refill such appointments, late cancellations will always incur a charge 50% of the session fee and the full fee for missed appointments.




Click here to download our Consultation fees in PDF format

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