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Audio Therapy

A series of pre-recorded therapy scripted by John Brett, available on CD for you to have the power of hypnosis at your fingertips, and use for as long as you require in the comfort of your own surroundings. Each recording has been made using a deep relaxation hypnotic induction, proven to be extremely beneficial on its own.

Each CD has been specially created using a versatile set of suggestions for the desired changes - smoking cessation, weight loss etc, designed to help you with your problem, so you won't have the problem for much longer. Full instructions for use are included, along with a free companion booklet for each title (subject to availability).

Each CD costs just 14.95 inc. delivery to a UK address.

Payment is by credit or debit card. Sorry, but cheques are no longer accepted and online ordering is currently not available.

Titles Available:

CD01. Build Self Confidence Now!

CD02. Stop Smoking Now!

CD03. Sleep Sound - Relieve Insomnia

CD04. Control Your Weight

Send your order to: Empower Yourself Therapy & Training, 4 South Scarle Lane, North Scarle, LINCOLN, LN6 9ER.

Please state clearly which CD's are required and how many, with their relevant code(s). Remember to include your full address including postcode, and your daytime telephone number. We will call you back to arrange payment. Alternatively, call the number below to place your order over the phone.

Demand for these CD's is already high, so please allow up to 14 days for delivery to a UK address.

For orders outside of the UK, please contact us for details of additional carriage costs.

Personalised CD's

These pre-recorded CD's offer a good general alternative to personal one-to-one treatment, but cannot replace personal treatment, where suggestions are tailored specifically to individual clients needs and problems.

If you would prefer to have a customised personal CD for your own particular problem, whether one listed, or any other problem which can be treated with Hypnotherapy, and cannot make a one-to-one session, then contact me for further details.

This service will cost 150.00 to have a set of suggestions personally scripted for you and recorded onto CD, after answering a few questions and providing the required background information. Information can be gathered by telephone consultation or email. All information supplied is treated confidentially and complies with current Data Protection Laws.

  Rivendell, 4 South Scarle Lane, North Scarle, Lincoln, LN6 9ER
  Tel: 01522 778689  Mobile: 07976 604541